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Cyber Forensic Expert Witness Investigator

We reveal some of the best known cases of cyberstalking, and cyberharassment on this website. Watch as we deVestigate the criminals and expose them to the public.

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Simon Smith has been programming since the tender age of 11 years old. At 22 years old, he was lecturing after work in advanced computer programming while running a successful international standalone enterprise software business. Simon was also responsible in creating one of the world's first remote printing applications that allows close-to instant workflow from dictation to transcriptionist back to the surgery as a printed document. This was during the time when physicians were converting from tape to digital.

Throughout the years he had a special interest in the lack of security in software and developed a mixed basket of skill in cyber security. He soon opened up a highly successful vertical market enterprise as CEO and shortly after, became a licensed investigator. During that period, he invested greatly in his education making him a very decorated young man with Australian qualifications at post-graduate level. The Department of Homeland Security NICCS also recognised his certifications in areas related to cyber, fraud, workplace threats, social media, criminal, high-tech forensics and forensic investigations. Simon is a cybercrime expert witness using techniques he creates on a case-by-case basis to track IP addresses successfully via a methodical method of social engineering. Well-known in Australian Digital Forensics Software Engineer, Cyber Security Expert, Witness and Investigator his combination of skill sets arises from over 20 years of industry experience.



In the meantime, check out an eVestigator victory against Cybercriminals (soon to be named) - noting that it is just the beginning. Legal action and criminal charges are pending.